DeSantis Vows to Crush Woke Military, Restore Morale & Recruitment!

Under Joe Biden, the military became more focused on fighting the enemy instead of fighting for freedom. In addition, it started promoting LGBTQI rights, including the use of pronouns and abortion. In response to this, Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, banned drag shows within the military.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is known for being a fighter against what he considers to be woke entities. He has also been involved in establishing programs that promote diversity and inclusion in schools. DeSantis' experience in the military has given him a unique perspective on how to restore the morale of the troops.

As a JAG officer in the US Navy, DeSantis was deployed to Iraq. During his time there, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal for his efforts. As a military veteran, he is passionate about addressing the issues that affect the military. He has shared his experiences and promises to address these issues on his campaign trail.

According to DeSantis, the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, and the military is one of the issues that the country is facing. He pledged to restore the military by ending the ideology that led to the current state of affairs in the armed forces. He also wants to refocus the military on its core mission.

According to DeSantis, one of the main factors that has caused the decline in military recruitment is the belief that people don't want to be associated with a woke military. In addition, the COVID vaccine mandate led to the loss of service members. He believes that by re-focusing on the mission, the recruitment of the military will increase. He also promises to bring back those who were denied due to the vaccine.

Although the issue of woke military personnel is not unique to DeSantis, other politicians, such as Marco Rubio and Chip Roy, have raised concerns about this topic. In a video message, Donald Trump, the former president, mentioned the issue.

Not only is he the best candidate for the presidency, but he is also an advocate for the restoration of the military's morale and integrity. He believes that the country should return to its core values and mission. He is committed to making sure that the armed forces are not influenced by woke ideologies. As the new commander-in-chief, he is expected to boost the number of people joining the military.

Source: Townhall

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