Desperate Dems Urge Biden to Seize Control of TX National Guard – But Abbott Won’t Back Down!

Two Democratic representatives in the House of Representatives have decided to take their whining to President Joe Biden, urging him to federalize the Texas National Guard. It seems like they just can’t handle the fact that Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is standing up to their liberal nonsense.

Now, what prompted this desperate plea? Well, it all started when the Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration could cut the concertina wire that Texas had placed on the border. Governor Abbott wasn’t about to back down, though, and he made it clear that the National Guard was helping to set up barriers to protect our country. But apparently, that’s just too much for these Democratic reps to handle.

Representatives Joaquin Castro and Greg Casar of Texas have demanded that Biden seize control of the National Guard in response to Governor Abbott’s statement. They claim that Abbott is using the National Guard to “obstruct and create chaos” at the border. Seriously? It’s called protecting our border, something that these Democrats seem to have a real issue with.

And just to add some historical context to their absurd demands, they bring up the fact that President Dwight D. Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard in 1957. But let’s be clear here, that was a completely different situation. Democratic Governor Orval Faubus was using the National Guard to prevent black students from attending school. Governor Abbott is using the National Guard to enforce the law and protect our country. There is absolutely no comparison.

These Democratic representatives are just playing politics and trying to score points with their liberal base. They accuse Abbott of “violating the Constitution and endangering both U.S. citizens and asylum seekers.” Give me a break! It’s the Democrats’ open border policies that are endangering our country and allowing criminals and drugs to flood in.

Meanwhile, the Texas Department of Public Safety has been taking control of areas on the border that are hotspots for illegal immigration. They’re doing what they can to fight this crisis, while the Democrats are busy virtue signaling and asking the federal government to swoop in and take control. It’s truly disgraceful.

But hey, at least the White House hasn’t responded to these ridiculous demands yet. Maybe they’ll see through the Democrats’ political posturing and realize that it’s Governor Abbott who’s actually trying to protect our country. It’s about time someone stood up against the radical left’s dangerous open border agenda. Kudos to Governor Abbott for being a true leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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