NH Dems Reel as GOP Flips Blue Seat, Thanks Joe Biden for Boost!

In New Hampshire’s recent special elections, Republicans came out on top, scoring victories in Coos County and even flipping a blue seat red in the sixth district. Sean Durkin and Mike Murphy were elected in Northumberland and Gorham, respectively, giving the Republicans a majority in the state House of Representatives. The GOP’s success in these races is a significant blow to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), which had hoped to make gains in the state.

According to NH Journal, the GOP members credited their wins to the Democratic National Committee’s decision to disrupt the primary system by holding their first primary in South Carolina. Some Republicans felt that this showed disrespect to New Hampshire’s primary, prompting voters to support the GOP candidates. Representative Ross Berry, vice chair of the Committee to Elect House Republicans, didn’t mince words, thanking President Joe Biden for the wins and criticizing House Democrats for their allegiance to the DNC.

The DLCC had designated the New Hampshire races as a top priority, aiming to break the GOP’s hold in the state. However, the results of the special elections have dashed those hopes, with the Republicans tightening their grip on the state House. This turn of events has delighted the Republican State Leadership Committee, which views New Hampshire as a key battleground in maintaining control of state legislatures.

In response, the DLCC expressed concern about the timing of the special elections and the tactics used to drive Republican turnout. Despite the setbacks, the DLCC remains optimistic about their prospects in 2024 and is committed to flipping the Republican trifecta in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, the Republican State Leadership Committee has set their sights on defending and reclaiming majorities in several key states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. They are confident about their strategy for 2024 and are determined to secure control of state legislative chambers.

Overall, the special elections in New Hampshire have not only solidified the Republicans’ position in the state but have also underscored the GOP’s broader commitment to preserving and reclaiming control across the country.


Written by Staff Reports

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