DHS Sec. Mayorkas Says He Will NOT Resign Despite GOP Investigations

Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary, said on Sunday that he would not resign from his position despite the newly-elected Republican majority in the House.

According to a report by Politico, Mayorkas discussed his future plans with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week. He was asked about the possibility of impeachment due to the new Congress.

During the interview, Mayorkas stated that he would continue to work hard and that he would be joining President Joe Biden when he visits the US-Mexico border.

The Republican Party has been focusing on Mayorkas' poor performance regarding the border crisis. He has been accused of not enforcing the border security and releasing illegal immigrants after they were apprehended.

In November, Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California stated that if Mayorkas does not resign, the House Republican Committee would look into his actions and determine whether they can launch impeachment investigations. McCarthy became the new House speaker after winning 15 ballots.

During the interview, Mayorkas noted that the country is facing a broken immigration system due to the failure of Congress to address it for the last several decades.

The Biden Administration unveiled various new immigration policies. These include plans to deport more people and accept 30,000 illegal immigrants every month from countries such as Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Before the Supreme Court ruled that the plans could not be implemented, Biden tried to stop using Title 42, but a coalition of 19 states led by Republicans opposed his actions.

Some of the individuals in the Biden Administration who are under investigation for impeachment include the US Attorney General, who is facing allegations of abuse of power, and the FBI, which has been cracking down on political opponents since Biden became the president. Biden himself is likely to be targeted for impeachment due to his family's numerous business deals with foreign entities.

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