DHS Secrets Exposed: Comer Fights to Unveil Biden Cover-Up

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Secret Service are being incredibly difficult to work with, and the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is taking bold action against them. Chairman James Comer, who is a real hero to conservatives, has sent out subpoenas as part of an investigation into the alleged wrongdoing during the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden.

The goal of these subpoenas is simple: to put light on the DHS's shady dealings and how it helped hide the corruption of the Biden family. Chairman Comer wants DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to give him all papers and communications about the Biden transition team being told about an interview with Hunter Biden in December 2020. This is a clear attempt to hide the truth and keep the Bidens from having to deal with the effects of what they did.

Investigators were not able to talk to Hunter Biden because the Secret Service offices and the Biden transition team were making plans behind his back. Now, it's clear that the Department of Justice knew about this cover-up from the beginning. But Chairman Comer, who is a shining example of being responsible, won't let them get away with it.

This is just one more example of how the Department of Justice's investigation into Hunter Biden has been plagued by a lot of wrongdoing and politics. The people of the United States need openness, not more obstruction and secrets. Chairman Comer and the other Republicans in the House want to hold the Biden administration accountable for their part in covering up the corruption and illegal actions of the Biden family.

But things get worse. An IRS whistleblower's sworn testimony proves that the Secret Service and the Biden transition team knew that Hunter Biden would be interviewed on December 8, 2020. This shocking fact was even confirmed by a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent who was interviewed about it. It's amazing how well everyone worked together to keep Hunter Biden from facing justice.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee will not give up. They are not going to give up. They have already asked to talk to Secret Service workers who were involved in this cover-up, but the DHS has stopped their efforts without any shame. This is a clear attempt to hide the truth and protect the Biden government from the consequences of their actions.

As the 2024 election gets closer, the Biden government is getting more and more criticism for both its domestic and international failures. Under the direction of Chairman Comer, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability will work harder to find the truth, demand openness, and make sure people are held accountable. The people of the United States deserve nothing less.

Written by Staff Reports

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