Did Jill Biden Change Her Mind Regarding the 2024 Election?

First Lady Jill Biden is reportedly supporting her husband for a potential presidential run in 2024. After initially having doubts about her husband's possible run, she is now believed to be "all in."

According to one source, Jill Biden is more aware of how the past few years have affected her husband. She is also the one who constantly keeps an eye on the possible scenarios that could affect her family.

During a town hall meeting last week, the first lady talked about the demands on her time. She noted that this time of year is busy, and she knows that people have holiday shopping to do, baking to bake, and sending cards. It can be hard to keep up with all these activities, especially when you have other full-time jobs.

After the midterm election, the president said that he would make a decision regarding his future in politics with his family at the beginning of 2023.

Although he said that everybody wants him to run for president again, he also noted that he and his wife would have discussions about it. The president added that he hoped they would get enough time to get away for a week before making a decision.

A new survey revealed that most Americans don't want Joe Biden to run for president in 2024. The results of the survey conducted by CNBC showed that a majority of Americans do not want him to serve another term.

According to the survey results, 70% of the respondents said that Biden shouldn't serve another term. Only 19% of the respondents said they would support a Biden run for president in 2024. The survey also revealed that 61% don't want Trump to run again either.

The survey showed that over half of Democrats (54%) believe that Biden shouldn't run for president in 2024.

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