Obama Goes “Full MAGA” in Shocking Video Praised by Elon Musk

Two words you don't expect to be in the same paragraph "Obama" and "MAGA". However, there's a trending video of former President Barack Obama, where he talked about "going full MAGA." Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, praised the former president for his speech.

In a video released during an event held by the Obama Foundation in 2019, the former president criticized what he referred to as "woke culture." He told the audience that people who believe in purity should get over their politically woke mindset. He also stated that there are people who do good work who have flaws.

According to the former president, some people who are fighting may love their enemies' kids. However, he noted that the way to make change is by being judgmental.

He noted that if he or she used a hashtag or Twitter to share how someone did something wrong or how they used the wrong verb, then he or she would feel good about themselves.


Written by Staff Reports

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