Poll Shows Even DEMOCRATS Want To Investigate Hunter Biden

A recent survey revealed that most Democrats believe that Hunter Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, should be investigated for his business dealings.

A Fox News poll conducted in August revealed that 54% of Democrats support the Justice Department's investigation of Biden's son. The results matched those of the previous survey, with 72% of all voters stating that it's important to look into his business transactions.

Despite widespread support for the investigation of Hunter Biden, voters are still split on what it will uncover. Around 70% of Republicans believe he committed a crime, while 63% of Democrats think his father did the same thing. Only 11% of Democrats believe that Biden did something illegal when it came to his son's overseas business transactions.

The Justice Department has been looking into various charges against Hunter Biden, such as tax evasion and false statements about a gun purchase. According to the Washington Post, federal prosecutors have found sufficient evidence to file criminal charges against him.

The allegations against Hunter Biden came to light after his laptop was leaked during the 2020 presidential election. His overseas business transactions were then thrust into the political spotlight, and Republicans began looking into him once they took over the House of Representatives in next year. Some believe that he used his father's position to secure lucrative deals.

Questions have been raised about the president's past actions in Ukraine, especially regarding his son's role in the board of a Ukrainian energy firm known as Burisma. Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing, and he claimed that he was not aware of his son's activities.

According to the results of the Fox News poll, over 70% of voters believe that Congress should investigate the January 6 riot in the Capitol. Support for the investigation was highest among Democrats, at 94%, followed by independents, at 71%, and Republicans, at 45%.

The results of the poll also revealed that Elon Musk has a favorable rating of 44%, while 59% of Democrats and 64% of Republicans approve of him. Despite the negative reaction to his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, almost half of the respondents claimed that it was a positive development.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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