Discover 17 Surprising Objects Younger Than Biden!

President Joe Biden quietly celebrated his 81st birthday on Monday, but as more Americans question his ability to lead the country, the celebration may have been a bit somber. According to recent polling from NBC News, Biden is now trailing behind former President Donald Trump by two points. Even among younger voters, Biden’s popularity is waning. He is losing to Trump by four percentage points in this demographic. This is a significant swing from the 2020 election, where young voters overwhelmingly supported Biden. Only 31% of young voters now approve of Biden’s job performance, a sharp decrease from September’s approval rating of 46%.

It’s not just Biden’s age that has people concerned. Many criticize his fitness to serve and question the effectiveness of his policies. As the New York Post pointed out, Biden’s current polling numbers reflect a growing sentiment that he may not be up to the task of leading the country through the challenges it faces at home and abroad.

In light of these concerns and the holiday season, Townhall has taken a break from polling coverage to highlight some things that are actually younger than Joe Biden, who was born in 1942. For example, the Atomic Age began in 1942 with the first controlled nuclear fission chain reaction at the University of Chicago. In 1943, synthetic rubber was invented, much to the relief of our tree friends. And in 1945, Percy Spencer patented the microwave oven, revolutionizing how we heat up leftovers.

While it’s fun to look at these inventions and accomplishments that came after Biden’s birth, it’s important to remember that age is just a number. However, when that number is accompanied by a decline in job approval and concerns about leadership, it becomes a valid point of concern.

Even the creation of the first “TelePrompTer” in 1949, with its scrolling text advancements, cannot save Biden from his public speaking mishaps. It seems that no matter how much technology advances, it can’t fix a lackluster performance.

As Biden faces these challenges, it will be interesting to see how he responds and if he can regain the support he once enjoyed. Hopefully, the president has some birthday wishes left to make things right.

Written by Staff Reports

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