Disney Learns Harsh Lesson as ‘Hunger Games’ Tops ‘The Marvels’ Debacle!

It’s no secret that the phrase “less is more” can be a game-changer, and Disney seems to have taken that lesson to heart. Believe it or not, the House of Mouse has found success by cutting back, particularly with its Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Back in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. was far from a Hollywood darling, and Iron Man was not exactly the hottest Marvel property. Yet, Marvel took a chance and turned those humble beginnings into a cinematic empire. They continued to produce hit after hit with lesser-known actors and heroes. Did anyone really care about Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy before the MCU? And does anyone even remember Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt before they stepped into their Marvel roles? Marvel seemed to have stumbled upon a winning formula.

However, it seems that Marvel could use a refresher course on the concept of “doing more with less.” The recent release of Disney’s “The Marvels” has been a total disaster at the box office. The film has a bloated budget of over $200 million, and it has suffered the second-largest second-weekend dropoff in MCU history. It’s safe to say that “The Marvels” will be a financial drain for Disney.

Meanwhile, Lionsgate’s prequel film, “The Hunger Games: Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes,” is projected to bring in about $45 million at the box office. This is a similar number to “The Marvels,” but with a much more modest budget of around $100 million. Lionsgate seems to understand that $200 million budget blockbusters just don’t cut it anymore. They have taken a smarter financial approach and have put themselves in a position to make a profit.

Unfortunately, it seems that Disney hasn’t gotten the memo. Instead of learning to do more with less, Disney continues to throw away its money with each new disastrous film release. With the landscape of the film industry changing, studios need to adapt and find more cost-effective strategies. It remains to be seen if Disney will learn from its rival’s success and make necessary changes. Perhaps the language of dollars and cents will finally make them see the light.

Written by Staff Reports

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