Disney Sued As Man Claims He Was FIRED For Being White

One of the biggest firms in the world is currently the target of a lawsuit for allegedly firing a worker because of the color of their skin.

The way things have changed and what was once thought to be extinct is now making a major comeback is utterly amazing. There are communities in America that are exclusively made up of people of color, and there are jobs and positions that are only available to people of color, which is a clear violation of numerous anti-discrimination rules in the workplace.

Caller writes every day. According to a white sign language interpreter who spoke to Fox News on Monday, he is suing Disney's popular Broadway production of "The Lion King" after being fired reportedly for the color of his skin.

According to his attorney Josh Pepper, told "Fox & Friends" American sign language (ASL) interpreter Keith Wann is attempting to recover lost wages after allegedly being fired due to his race. The ASL specialist said he is suing because "wrong is wrong" even though he would have been paid $1,000 each show.

Disney seems to have really stepped up to the plate.

based on the NY Post. The non-profit Theatre Development Fund, which hires American Sign Language interpreters for Broadway shows, forced at least two people off the production, including 53-year-old Keith Wann, after determining that it was "no longer appropriate to have white interpreters represent black characters for ASL Broadway shows."

In a federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Wann accused the company and Lisa Carling, its accessibility director, of discriminating against him and his interpreter. According to the documents, Carling told him and Mosleh to "back out" of a performance that would mark the company's 25th anniversary.

Imagine the summer of love we would have experienced when the story first broke if the interpreter had been black. Every talking head would be out in full force condemning the racist crimes committed by company X that imposed the limits, and the left would have lost all sense of reason. However, there is minimal media attention and no public outrage because the interpreters are white. The most odd aspect of this whole situation is how many woke lefties are advocating for segregation and a return to the terrible policies of the past. There have been instances of homes reserved for persons of color, study spaces that do not admit white students, and a resounding demand from the left for others to apologize for acts committed by alleged forebears. Imagine the situation if it were the opposite. Seriously.

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