WATCH: Herschel Walker Calls Out Warnock, Accused Of Crossing The Line

Early voting begins in Georgia this week. The race between Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, and Republican Herschel Walker, has been very personal. Throughout the campaign, both candidates have brought up their own baggage. Politics is not bean bag, and it's no different.

After Walker mentioned his children during a campaign stop, Raphael accused him of crossing a line. His ex-wife, Oulye Ndoye, is asking a court to compel him to appear in court to talk about their ongoing custody battle. She claims that he doesn't spend enough time with his children and that he doesn't pay for their child care expenses.

According to Oulye's complaint, since the Final Judgment and Decree, which was entered in February 2022, Warnock has not been following the parenting schedule that was agreed upon. In mid-2020, his work commitments caused him to take long trips away from their home.

Oulye also claims that he failed to make accommodations for his work schedule. He was also accused of failing to pay child care expenses.

In addition, the complaint states that, since he failed to reimburse Oulye for the child care expenses, she has been left without adequate coverage. It also claims that during certain times of the week, he was given two days off per week, which he could no longer fulfill.

She is also complaining that he is putting his political career ahead of his responsibilities to his children. They have a six-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. Following their divorce in 2020, both parties have joint legal custody. Ndoye has primary physical custody.

Oulye doesn't like how he is running for office. In a video released by Ndoye, she can be seen running over his foot during an argument. This incident happened during their marriage, and it has been reported in the media. During a campaign event in Atlanta, Walker criticized the family of Raphael.

During a campaign stop, Walker criticized the Democratic senator for using campaign funds to pay for child care. He was referring to the ongoing custody battle between his ex-wife and his current wife. According to Walker, the Democratic senator was using his campaign funds to pay for his own child care expenses. However, according to a report by the political website,, candidates can use their own funds to pay for childcare expenses.

During the debate, Walker criticized the Democratic senator for using campaign funds to pay for child care. He also said that he would rather have his own kids than have somebody else look after them. He noted that he would rather have his own children than have somebody else look after them.

I assume that Walker means paying child support or not hiring a babysitter when he's not around to look after his kids. He also said that he would rather have his own kids than have somebody else look after them. He was criticized by the Democratic senator for his lack of self-awareness, as the stories about him and his family had not been widely publicized before the campaign started.

In response, the Democratic senator criticized Walker's actions, saying that his supporters crossed a line.

In response, Walker released a statement, saying that he is not hiding from his responsibilities as a father. He noted that he is present with his kids in every aspect of their lives, from their breakfast to their bedtime prayers.

During a debate, the Democratic senator criticized Walker's lack of self-awareness, saying that he has not been able to properly address the issues surrounding his family. He also noted that one of the two men running for office has not been present for his family.

I don't think that children should be involved in political campaigns, especially since they are very young. In this instance, the campaign of the candidate for office has been focused on attacking Walker's past actions with women, as well as his pro-life stance.

It's also interesting that Gloria Allred, who is running for office in Georgia, entered the race without the knowledge of the campaign of her client, the woman who claimed that Walker paid for her abortion. Likewise, if you ask Pastor Stephen Warnock, who supports abortion until the moment of delivery, he would have his own hypocrisy to answer for.

As far as the claims about using campaign funds to pay for child care, that's clear. Since he became a senator, he has doubled his personal income. He also knows how to use the system to his advantage.

It's very sad that the children of political candidates are involved in their fathers' campaigns. In this political atmosphere, it's hard to justify how Raphael Warnock can be given a full term in the Senate due to his achievements in the Senate. His campaign only focuses on attacking Herschel Walker's character instead of highlighting his own achievements.

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