Disney’s Woke Agenda Costs Them Big: Profits Plunge!

In yet another stunning blow to the American corporation, Disney has openly admitted that their relentless pursuit of so-called “social goals” could actually end up biting them in the proverbial rear end. Financial news reports have revealed that in their filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Disney was forced to come clean about the potential risks and dangers associated with prioritizing woke agendas over good old-fashioned profits.

You see, folks, the all-powerful Disney isn’t just some magical wonderland of joy and entertainment. No, it’s a massive moneymaking machine, and it turns out that shoving far-left ideologies down the throats of their customers might just be bad for business! Who would have thought?

According to the company’s own financial disclosures, they are in danger of losing out big time if they continue to ignore the wants and needs of their audience. It turns out that when you prioritize pandering to the liberal woke crowd, you might just alienate the vast majority of your viewers who actually expect to be entertained instead of lectured about social justice.

And let’s just say that Disney’s pathetic attempt to push their pro-LGBT agenda in children’s programming isn’t exactly helping matters. You heard it here first, folks: Mickey Mouse and company are losing their shirts because they can’t resist cramming wokeness into everything they produce.

In fact, their annual report revealed that viewership has plummeted by a shocking 14 percent, and licensing revenue for iconic brands like “Star Wars,” “Frozen,” and “Toy Story” has taken a nosedive. According to the financial gurus at Breitbart, these are the kinds of golden goose properties that should be bringing in money hand over fist, but now they’re floundering because Disney can’t stop pushing their despicable and evil “social goals.”

Remember when Disney CEO Bob Iger was forced to apologize to investors after their meddling in the Florida parental rights bill hurt their bottom line? It’s all starting to make sense now. Even their own CEO admits they need to “quiet the noise” on the culture war and focus on entertaining people instead of pushing a radical agenda.

It’s high time for Disney to face the music and put an end to their nauseating social justice pandering. This once-proud company needs to get back to what made it great in the first place: entertaining families and making money, without shoving liberal nonsense down everyone’s throats. It’s time to ditch the “woke” and get back to being Disney.

Written by Staff Reports

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