Don Lemon Blasts Musk’s Free Speech, Musk Claps Back Hard!

Former CNN anchor Don Lemon is at it again, folks! Can you believe this guy? He’s out there accusing X owner Elon Musk of not giving a hoot about free speech. Lemon, who is back on CNN after getting the boot last year, went on and on about how Musk shut down their little partnership on the social media platform. The nerve of that guy!

According to Lemon, free speech only matters when it’s someone he doesn’t like or someone who doesn’t share his opinions. He claims Musk doesn’t care about letting others speak freely if their views don’t align with his. Lemon even had the audacity to suggest that Musk only cares about free speech when it’s convenient for him. Like, really? Does Lemon even know what he’s talking about?

Lemon also took a jab at Musk for supposedly getting his info from “right-wing bloggers or extremists.” He accused Musk of reposting content from these “extremist groups,” whatever that means. Lemon just can’t accept that not everyone thinks like him, and he’s quick to dismiss anyone who doesn’t toe the line of his own beliefs.

And get this, Lemon even mused about whether big tech platforms like X should be privately owned if they’re not going to bow down to his idea of free speech. How absurd! It’s like Lemon thinks the internet should only exist for people who agree with him. Talk about being out of touch with reality!

But wait, there’s more! Musk fired back, calling out Lemon for turning his show into “CNN, but on social media,” and lacking authenticity. Elon even mentioned that Lemon was just a puppet, with Jeff Zucker pulling the strings. Ouch, that’s gotta sting, Lemon!

Despite the fallout, Lemon is still hell-bent on uploading his interview with Musk and continuing his show. Good luck with that, Lemon. You might want to consider a reality check while you’re at it!

Written by Staff Reports

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