Dr. Phil Exposes Hamas Lies with Mosab Yousef’s Bombshells


What a showdown it was when Dr. Phil and Mosab Yousef, the son of a Hamas commander, had to set the record straight against the pro-Hamas propagandists attempting to spread their lies about the Gaza War and the events of October 7, 2023. Those two propagandists were in for a real reality check when they went toe-to-toe with these two truth-tellers on national television.

Dr. Phil had no time for excuses and made it clear that there’s no justification for the despicable acts of rape, murder, and setting babies on fire in their cribs. As for the so-called occupation and oppression excuse these propagandists were using, Dr. Phil wasn’t having any of it. He called their defense flat-out wrong, and rightfully so.

And then there’s Yousef, bringing the hammer down on these pro-Hamas activists. He called out their feeble attempts to downplay the grotesque war crimes committed by the genocidal terror group. It’s like they’re trying to pull a fast one with their “it’s terrible, but” line of reasoning. But Yousef wasn’t having any of it. He made it clear that there’s no difference between Hamas and the so-called Palestinian people, pointing out that the majority of them support Hamas. He exposed the truth that the civilian population stands squarely behind Hamas.

Yousef didn’t stop there. He went on to highlight the fact that without Israel as the common enemy, the Palestinians would probably be at each other’s throats, waging war among themselves due to their internal conflicts and competing interests. It’s their shared hatred of Israel that keeps them somewhat united. And he didn’t mince words when he declared what happened on October 7 as a crime against humanity and nothing short of a genocide.

The pro-Hamas supporters got a harsh reality check that day. With their terrorist propaganda debunked and their feeble arguments torn apart, it’s clear that their delusional views aren’t going to fly with the general public. No more hiding in their biased bubble. The truth is out, and it’s not pro-Islamic Jihad or anti-Israel. The exchange on that show shattered their illusions, showing the world the real face of Hamas propaganda.

Dr. Phil and Yousef didn’t hold back, and the truth prevailed. It’s about time these pro-Hamas supporters faced the music and realized that their distorted narrative is nothing but a pack of lies.

Written by Staff Reports

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