Woke Kotaku Journo Hunts for Hit Piece on Christian Gamer

Remember that time Kotaku, the video game website that’s basically the “woke” version of GameStop, got itself into hot water? Well, their journalist Alyssa Mercante sure knows how to stir up controversy. First, there was that whole Sweet Baby Inc. debacle where she basically copied and pasted their press release and called it journalism. Classy, right? Well, now she’s at it again, this time taking aim at a Christian video game streamer who she claims “leans hard… into homophobia.” Can you smell the bias from here?

So, Alyssa takes to Twitter, asking for dirt on this streamer who happens to be a Jesus-loving gamer. But instead of reaching out for a fair and balanced interview, she’s out hunting for a hit piece to satisfy her narrative. Of course, the streamer, Melonie Mac, isn’t having any of it. She shuts down Alyssa’s attempt at an interview like a boss, stating that she doesn’t think Alyssa’s intentions are in good faith. Ouch. And then she calls out Alyssa’s clout-chasing ways, suggesting that she’s just desperate for attention.

And it gets even juicier! Melonie reveals that she’s been around for a while and didn’t just magically appear out of thin air. She’s been grinding and building her fanbase for years. But Alyssa doesn’t seem interested in the truth. No, she just wants to stir up drama and clout chase off of YouTubers. Talk about a low blow.

But wait, there’s more! It turns out Kotaku was planning to switch from news to game guides, but the staff backlash made them retreat like a scared turtle. Maybe that’s why Alyssa’s so desperate for a good story. Who knows? The whole thing is a hot mess.

Well, everyone’s still waiting for Alyssa’s hit piece to come out, but let’s just say Melonie isn’t sweating it. She’s got her fans backing her up and she’s not afraid to speak her mind, even in the face of biased journalists. And all she really wants to do is share her Christian faith and nerd out over video games. Can’t we just let her live her best life?

Written by Staff Reports

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