Durham Exposes FBI Negligence in Trump-Russia Hoax

America’s worst fears were confirmed regarding the fraudulent “Trump-Russia collusion narrative” surrounding former President Donald Trump. The Clinton campaign originated this fake story to derail Trump’s candidacy, and the FBI did nothing to expose it, according to former Special Counsel John Durham’s testimony.

Durham highlighted the FBI’s negligence and lack of professionalism during his five-hour hearing in front of the House Judicial Committee. He noted that the FBI’s investigation into President Trump was not warranted and that both the FBI and the DOJ had credible information that indicated the allegations were pure campaign propaganda.

He spoke about the FBI’s failure to scrutinize the allegations, and how they failed to apply the same standard to both Clinton and Trump, who were fierce opponents during the 2016 Presidential election. The FBI failed to accept and use politically funded and unverified opposition research, such as the Steele dossier, which ultimately casted doubt on the election’s credibility.

Durham’s team’s review situated facts with the FBI’s knowledge that the Clinton campaign was manufacturing information in regards to Russian collusion with Trump. However, they ignored it, and then-President Barack Obama received the same intelligence, yet did nothing either. The FBI’s failure to act on what should have been a clear warning sign that the FBI might be the target of an effort to influence the law enforcement process for political gain is completely unacceptable.

Moreover, the FBI relied on the dossier’s FISA applications, even though they were aware that the information’s source likely originated from political opponents. Furthermore, the agent responsible for leading the Crossfire Hurricane investigation indicated that he had never seen the intelligence information before, although it was essential knowledge to the case.

The FBI not only failed the American people: it failed to act on a clear warning sign that there was an attempt to manipulate the election for political purposes in 2016. Despite this information, the FBI and the DOJ proceeded with their investigation to derail Trump’s candidacy, which eventually led to a massive scandal.

These serious violations of the law concerning a Presidential campaign and administration must be addressed. Durham’s conclusions are not motivated by political bias, but instead by the need to uncover and condemn wrongdoing, no matter what political party is involved. Now it is time for American people to get involved and hold the FBI and other law enforcement agencies accountable for their actions during this scandalous time in America’s history.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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