NHL Axes Pride Jerseys: Victory for Religious Freedom & Anti-Woke Fans!

In a rare victory for the conservative movement, the NHL has announced that “Pride Night” jerseys will no longer be worn on “Pride Nights” due to pressure from players and fans. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman stated that the issue had become a “distraction” and that they wanted to keep the focus on the game and the various causes they honor on these specialty nights. It is unclear whether Bettman was effectively “banning” Pride jerseys from being worn on Pride Nights, but the decision is a welcome change for conservatives that are fed up with the woke agenda being pushed onto sports fans.

The pushback from players and fans was a long time coming after NHL stars like Ivan Provorov and James Reimer opted out of participating in “Pride Nights” and refused to wear LGBTQ-themed Pride jerseys due to their religious convictions. Many conservatives see this as a win for religious freedom, as these players should not be forced to go against their beliefs for the sake of a political agenda.

Unfortunately, the usual suspects on the left are already up in arms about this decision, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see some teams try to defy it anyway. It’s another example of how dissenting from the so-called “Alphabet Mafia” is grounds for being named, shamed, and cancelled in today’s culture, and it’s refreshing to see the NHL stand up against it.

As RedState readers know, this is just one small battle in the larger culture war, but it’s a victory nonetheless. Conservatives continue to trust the science when it comes to what constitutes a boy and a girl, and we will keep fighting to protect our children from the government’s overreach. It’s time to take back our sports, our schools, and our country from the woke mob.

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