GOP Halts Boebert’s Bid to Impeach Biden: Party Divided?

Republicans successfully managed to push back pro-Trump firebrand Lauren Boebert’s (R-Co.) urge to impeach President Biden over the border crisis. Although the motion was sent to committees, it did not reach its intended goal. This drama brought light to the division between moderate Republicans and their more right-wing counterparts. Moderates lambasted Boebert’s move, claiming it was untimely and disruptive.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) called Pro-Trump Boebert’s motion flippant. He also mentioned in a private meeting that such moves would harm the party’s chances of winning the 2024 election. The Speaker has always approached Biden’s investigation with the utmost caution before proceeding with impeachment.

Boebert is among a group of Republicans who have pledged to disrupt business as usual in the House. They made this commitment evident in January when they forced McCarthy to battle for their votes in the Speaker’s gavel.

Democrats did not miss the opportunity to lash out at Republicans, accusing them of losing their desire to govern. For most of Trump’s presidency, Democrats vociferated about impeachment, Russian collusion, and Trump’s tax returns. Democratic Representative Jim McGovern (D-Ma.) expressed his solefulness and sadness for the situation.

Meanwhile, Republican Boebert claimed that the Thursday vote was “historic.” She believes that Biden’s negligence of federal laws encouraged over 5.5 million illegal foreigners to cross the border, leading to a severe invasion causing real problems to the American people.

The vote came concurrently as Republicans released new evidence of the DOJ’s interference in blocking Trump-appointed prosecutor David Weiss from prosecuting Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden’s plea deal has outraged the right.

In conclusion, the failed move to impeach Biden highlights some of the existing fissures within the Republican Party. It remains to be seen how the party’s internal relations will unfold, especially with midterm elections rapidly approaching.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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