RFK Jr. Silenced: Big Tech Censorship Threatens Democracy

Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set to appear before the House Judiciary Select Committee to testify on the weaponization of the federal government. This is in line with Kennedy’s fight for democracy and freedom of speech. Despite being a strong advocate against mass vaccination campaigns in 2020, big tech companies have repeatedly censored and disciplined Kennedy. The latest is YouTube’s deletion of an interview Kennedy did with Jordan Peterson, claiming it violated the platform’s vaccine misinformation policy.

Kennedy questioned if social media platforms should censor presidential candidates, highlighting that their actions undermine democracy. Kennedy even had multiple campaign Instagram accounts suspended without reason before it was reinstated. These actions by big tech platforms, along with the hostile reactions from mainstream media outlets and the Democratic Party, reflect an attack on democracy and freedom of speech.

The opposition to Kennedy’s stance against mass vaccination is an example of the left’s narrow-mindedness and a disregard for individual freedom. This is especially concerning as Kennedy is a strong contender within the Democratic Party primaries, polling at 15% against current President Biden. The hostility he has faced from media outlets is even more extreme than that faced by former President Donald Trump during his campaign announcement in 2015.

The Los Angeles Times even labeled President John F. Kennedy’s own nephew as a “threat to democracy.” It is clear that Kennedey’s beliefs on individual freedom and freedom of speech is a direct challenge to the current political establishment. Such antagonism poses a threat to the basic tenets of democracy that citizens hold dear.

Written by Staff Reports

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