NHL Shuts Down Leftist Agenda: No More Political Jerseys!

NHL teams will no longer be allowed to don rainbow-themed jerseys or any other uniforms that promote leftist causes. This decision follows numerous players who refused to wear Pride-themed jerseys during games.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman publicly suggested that clubs should reject changing their jerseys in warmups, as it distracts attention away from the game and from the various causes that teams host nights in honor of.

Former Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov led the charge, as he became the first player to refuse to wear a rainbow-colored jersey in warmups ahead of the organization’s Pride promotion last season. Despite being called a “bigot” and a “homophobe” by the activist left, Provorov’s decision resonated with the public, and his jersey was quickly sold out on retail sites throughout the league.

Moreover, additional players throughout the league chose to abstain from wearing rainbow-themed jerseys too, citing religious beliefs. This bold choice by players is sure to be celebrated by many Americans who are tired of woke politics being forced onto players and fans alike.

The NHL is a place for hockey, not a liberal political agenda. Fans should be able to enjoy the game without being forced to endorse leftist propaganda that is antithetical to traditional values. It is time for the NHL to focus solely on the game, so that viewers can truly enjoy what they came to see– not just another platform for leftist activism.

Written by Staff Reports

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