Trump’s Polls Surge, Dems’ Indictment Hopes Crushed

Democrats hoping for a second indictment of former President Donald Trump seem to be disappointed with the latest GOP presidential polls, as Trump remains the frontrunner among GOP candidates. The Morning Consult race shows that Trump has 57% support, one point higher than before the indictment. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes at a distant second with 20% support. Former Vice President Mike Pence also fell a point to 7%. The rest of the candidates are tied at 3% or less.

Democrats had hoped that Trump’s ESPIONAGE ACT charges would prevent him from running for public office again and potentially convince voters he was unfit to hold office. These charges could lead to significant jail time for the 76 year old, but he claims total innocence and says he is prepared to defend himself in court.

Trump’s friendly relationship with Aileen Cannon, the judge he appointed himself while president, has put the Democrats hopes of a speedy Trump imprisonment in jeopardy. Cannon has already sided with Trump during the Mar-a-Lago raid and appointed a special counsel on his behalf to look through the documents. The trial will take place in Florida, where Trump is loved and most people are more conservative than the recent New York jury that awarded his accuser $5 million for sexual abuse and defamation.

Cannon is looking to fast-track the trial so that it can be over before people begin voting in GOP primaries. The pre-trial motions must be filed by July 24, and the trial starts August. This is in contrast to a previous indictment in Manhattan, which isn’t scheduled for a preliminary hearing until December. It’ll make headlines as voters begin to cast their votes, which will ultimately prove that Democrats’ plans will backfire. Trump is still a front-runner candidate, loved by Republicans and still has a great chance to win again.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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