GOP Foils Dems’ Ploy: Unites to Block Boebert’s Biden Impeachment Bid

In an impressive display of unity, House Republicans have sent a message to Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Party that they will not allow frivolous and baseless impeachment attempts against President Joe Biden. After a public spat between Republican Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy decided to invite Boebert to speak before a closed-door conference on Wednesday evening. However, Boebert declined the invitation and instead decided to work towards impeaching President Biden for his disastrous border policies.

Thankfully, multiple Republicans decided to vote against Boebert’s resolution, citing the committee process and concerns about its potential impact on future impeachment efforts. The articles have now been referred to the Homeland Security and Judiciary Committees. This move saved face for the GOP and prevented a forced but failed vote that would have only led to division and mudslinging within the party.

Despite the victory, there is still concern among Republicans that the impeachment allegations regarding U.S.-Mexico border policy are not strong enough to impeach a President. Speaker McCarthy has explicitly stated that he does not want to do anything that could harm the ongoing investigations into President Biden’s dealings by Reps. Comer and Jordan.

Boebert has threatened to bring a privileged resolution every day for the rest of her time in Congress until the committees move on the impeachment process. While her actions show her determination, Republicans have made it clear that unilateral attempts to force impeachment votes will likely fail. Nonetheless, Boebert’s aggressive tactics are just what Washington needs – someone to shake things up and attempt to bring about real change.

Washington is broken, and Boebert is here to fix it. Her bold actions have set the stage for a potential impeachment inquiry into President Biden, and she will undoubtedly continue to call out the flaws and failures of the Democrat Party. The future is looking bright for the GOP, as they stand united in the face of political attacks and remain committed to conservative values and principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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