Durham Exposes FBI’s Anti-Trump Plot: Our Democracy At Risk!

The House Judiciary Committee has finally brought Special Counsel John Durham to testify for almost six hours, and he didn’t hold back. Durham remained composed throughout the questioning, even brushing off accusations from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and vehemently denying Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) allegations that he served as a tool for the Swamp’s Globetrotters. However, it was Rep.

Harriet Hageman (R-WY) that got to the heart of the matter with just one question in her allotted five minutes. She brought up the corrupted law enforcement agencies that were exposed in Durham’s report and asked the critical question: “How long do you think that this country will survive with a two-tiered justice system that seeks to persecute people based on their political beliefs?” Durham’s response was chilling but honest. He stated, “I don’t think that things can go too much further with the view that law enforcement, particularly the FBI or Department of Justice, runs a two-tiered system of justice. The nation can’t stand under those circumstances.”  

It is deafeningly clear, though, that the FBI had no intention of proving Donald Trump was a Russian asset with the Russian collusion hoax, and they knew this from the very beginning. They didn’t need to prove Russian collusion as it was never the real reason for their charade. Their true purpose was to halt his election, and if that didn’t work, block his ability to govern. Durham’s report showed that the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was all a coordinated effort by Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Clinesmith, Steele, the DNC, and Perkins Coie to destroy Trump’s candidacy and ultimately his presidency.

The fact that they destroyed America’s faith in institutions and crippled the justice system while targeting political enemies will forever mar their legacy. The outcome is a two-tiered justice system that persecutes the political beliefs of people. The phrase “justice is blind” is now an unheard-of notion, and it is time to rethink law enforcement and government institutions that have the power to destroy America’s democracy.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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