Entitled Grad Rages on Stage: The Shocking Fall of Higher Education

Another entitled, narcissistic college graduate has thrown a tantrum in front of a crowd of people at her graduation ceremony. The brat, who goes by the name Kadia, ripped the microphone out of the administrator’s hand and announced that it was “all about me” before throwing the microphone to the ground and storming off. A viral video of the incident has over 18 million views, and the woman in question seems to have no marketable skills or qualifications aside from possibly working in retail. Her social media presence is filled with vulgar and classless posts, and it’s safe to say that her moment of glory will be the zenith and nadir of her life.

This is just another example of the entitled brats that colleges seem to be churning out these days. Instead of seeing college as an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute positively to society, these graduates view it as a chance to demand attention and put themselves on a pedestal. This is evident in the recent history of colleges, from the Yale email controversy, to the Harvard acceptance of David Hogg, and now to Kadia’s graduation meltdown.

It’s high time that these brats start taking responsibility for their own lives and stop demanding that the world revolve around them. It’s clear that Kadia has not yet learned this lesson, but hopefully, her embarrassing outburst will serve as a warning to others who are still in college or thinking about attending. A college education can be a valuable asset, but only if it’s approached with the right attitude and a desire to learn and succeed. Kadia’s behavior is a sad reflection of what happens when entitlement and narcissism take the place of hard work and humility.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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