Biden Covers Up Son’s Scandal with Titanic Sub Disaster – Patriots & Truth Suffer!

The news about the wreck of the Titanic that the Titan submersible was exploring was an example of how Democrats doze off when it comes to honesty and patriotism. According to reports, the US Navy was aware that the submersible was about to explode, and it reportedly killed five of its occupants. But why did the government spend a lot of time and effort to save the people who were already dead?

Several countries, including the US Navy, Canada's military, and French submarines, participated in the rescue effort, which covered an area of 10,000 square miles. The Navy's classified system detected the moment when the craft exploded, which confirmed that the individuals died instantly. It is also understandable that those who have experience in engineering or military would not expect a better outcome.

The Biden administration's decision to delay announcing the deaths of those involved in the raid has raised questions about why it decided to shroud the incident in secrecy. Miranda Devine of the New York Post claims that Joe Biden wanted to conceal the details of the hearing, which was about the Justice Department's intervention in an investigation involving his son. This macabre way of keeping a story alive prolongs the agony of the families, and it shows that he is incapable of protecting his son, who is a drug addict and tax evader.

This incident is outrageous considering that the U.S. Navy has underwater acoustic networks and sonar detection systems that can detect an explosion. After analyzing the data collected by the sonar system, the Navy concluded that an explosion or implosion most likely occurred when the Titan submersible lost communications.

It is hard to understand how officials decided to carry out the rescue mission after learning that the individuals aboard the vessel were already dead based on the data from the Navy's confidential system. This is why Democrats are not trusted to lead the country. Instead of focusing on national security, they tend to focus on keeping scandals about their relatives private.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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