Hunter Biden’s Shocking Threats Exposed: Photos, Chilling Messages, & DOJ Cover-Up!

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, Hunter Biden was at his father's home in Delaware on the day he made threats against a Chinese businessman. It was revealed that he invoked his father's name while threatening the individual, who had failed to meet his obligations. Pictures from his laptop also showed him driving his father's prized 1967 Corvette.

The investigation regarding the Biden family's business dealings has been plagued with controversy and trouble. On Thursday, the IRS whistleblower accused the Department of Justice of hiding the truth about the family's shady activities. The agency had reportedly refused to investigate the messages sent by Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao, a Chinese businessman who was working for a company known to be close to the Chinese government, in 2017.

In a menacing message to Zhao, Biden stated that he would like to resolve the issue before it gets out of control.

If he received a message from someone else related to the situation, Biden would make sure that the individual knows that he will regret not following his orders. He also threatened the businessman with dire consequences if he didnot comply.

Whistleblowers have accused the officials of the Justice Department of overstepping their authority during the investigation. They also claimed that the agency prevented the Delaware's US Attorney from bringing charges against Biden even though there was evidence of his tax liability.

The IRS investigators were also not able to get the necessary information from the Department of Justice due to various factors. Some of these include the lack of independence and transparency, as well as the bullying tactics of the Defense Council. This has led to the obstruction of the investigation, which has prevented it from being conducted in a proper manner.

It is not yet clear how the allegations against Biden and his family will be resolved. However, the truth will eventually come out. In a world where the truth is often hidden, it is still possible to uncover it.

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