ESPN’s Smith Dares Trump to Debate, Rejects Biden & Politics!

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, known for his sports commentary and occasional forays into politics, recently made some bold and divisive statements during an interview with satellite radio host Howard Stern. Smith, never one to shy away from controversy, told Stern that he’d relish the opportunity to face off against former President Donald Trump in a presidential debate, going as far as to declare that he would “eat him alive.”


During their conversation, Smith also expressed his opinion on current political figures, suggesting that President Joe Biden should step aside in favor of California Governor Gavin Newsom as the Democratic nominee. He made it clear that despite his strong political opinions, he has no plans to pursue a career in politics himself, citing his comfortable lifestyle and financial success as reasons to avoid the added stress of public office.

In response to Stern’s inquiry about his potential interest in running for office, Smith emphatically rejected the idea, emphasizing that he has no desire to trade his lucrative career for the challenges and modest salary that often accompany political positions. He bluntly stated, “I’m not giving up my quality of life to earn $400,000 a year and be stressed. It ain’t happening. It’s that simple to me.”

Smith’s pronouncements didn’t stop there. He enthusiastically declared that while he has no intention of running for president, he would eagerly engage in a debate with Donald Trump. “I’d eat him alive,” Smith boasted. “I wouldn’t run for the presidency, but I’d debate Trump any day of the week. Name the time and place, and I’d show up.” His bravado and self-assuredness were on full display as he professed his desire to participate in a presidential debate, expressing confidence in his ability to hold his own against the former president.

As Stephen A. Smith’s bold statements continue to garner attention and spark debate, it’s clear that his outspoken nature and unapologetic viewpoints will keep him in the public eye, whether in the world of sports or the realm of politics.

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