Obama Eyed for Harvard Presidency: The Left’s Next Power Move?

Harvard University, known for its liberal bias and ivory tower elitism, has shockingly extended an offer for Barack Obama, the self-proclaimed “King of Hope and Change,” to become the next president of the prestigious institution. While the former president has not outright rejected this audacious proposition, he has deferred making an immediate decision. Perhaps he’s too busy polishing his Nobel Peace Prize or writing another self-aggrandizing memoir.

The Obama-Harvard connection goes back to 1994 when Obama was a law student. It turns out that both Obama and the author shared the same literary agent, Jane Dystel, who represented notable figures. Talk about an impressive resume! Oh, did we mention that Jane’s father had something to do with pocketbooks? Yeah, that’s relevant information right there.

Dystel helped turn Obama’s 1995 book, “Dreams of My Father,” from a slow seller to a success. How? Well, she gave it a little makeover. We all know that Obama loves a good makeover, whether it’s his image or the economy. And despite his initial obscurity, Obama eventually ditched Jane in favor of Clinton’s book agent, probably because he needed someone more politically connected to boost his own career.

Now, here’s where things get juicy. Michelle Obama, the former first lady who spent eight years jet-setting on taxpayers’ dime and promoting her healthy eating initiatives, might just be considering a run for president herself. Oh joy. The plan, according to some insiders, involves tying up Donald Trump in legal battles through potential indictments. How strategic. It’s amazing how leftists always resort to underhanded tactics when they can’t win fair and square.

Rumors are circulating that Michelle has been seeking support from powerful executives in New York City. We can only hope these executives have better judgment than to throw their weight behind a liberal candidate with questionable policies. But who knows? They might be just as blinded by the Obama charm as the rest of the country was in 2008.

Meanwhile, Obama’s influence could expand even further if he accepts the offer to become Harvard’s president. This begs the question: do we really want someone who embraces far-left policies and a pro-Iran stance to have even more power and influence? The corrupt connection between higher education and leftist politics is already evident, and this potential move only amplifies the concerns of every freedom-loving American.

If Michelle Obama decides to run for president and Barack becomes the head honcho at Harvard, we can expect radical left agendas, the expansion of seats, the end of filibusters, and the implementation of national laws on mail and ballot harvesting. In other words, the country will be dragged further down the leftist rabbit hole, all while American values and common sense are thrown out the window.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and see through the smoke and mirrors of the Obama establishment. We must remain vigilant, demand transparency, and fight against the corrupt influences that threaten the very fabric of our society. Let’s not allow Harvard University to become yet another liberal stronghold in the ivory tower of academia.

Written by Staff Reports

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