Ex-Obama Guru: Biden Should Hide, Drops ‘Something’s Wrong’ Bombshell

In a surprising turn of events, CNN commentator Van Jones has made a rather unconventional recommendation for President Joe Biden. During a recent roundtable discussion on the network, Jones proposed that Biden should retreat to the safety of his basement and let others do the talking for him during the 2024 election cycle. According to Jones, Biden is an “uninspiring, fragile” figure who lacks the ability to inspire confidence and effectively communicate his own message.

Jones suggested that Biden should follow his 2020 campaign strategy of staying hidden and letting his acolytes speak for him. In an attempt to defend his recommendation, Jones praised Biden’s handling of the economy, despite the ongoing cost-of-living crisis in America and the Democrats’ big-spending policies. It seems that Jones is willing to overlook the negative consequences of Biden’s actions in order to support his preferred candidate.

While Jones did acknowledge that Biden is not up to the task of campaigning, he still clung to the claim that Biden has done a “tremendous job” for the economy. This assertion is at odds with the reality faced by many Americans who are struggling due to the rising costs of living and the Democrats’ attacks on domestic energy independence.

In contrast to Biden’s lackluster performance, former President Donald Trump energetically campaigned across the country in 2020, demonstrating his vitality and commitment to his supporters. It is clear that there is a stark contrast between the two men, both in terms of their physical capabilities and their ability to connect with voters.

The fact that 71 percent of registered voters believe Biden is too old to be president, and nearly two-thirds believe he lacks the mental sharpness for the job, further highlights the concerns about his fitness for office. Biden often appears unable to speak, walk, or fully engage with his surroundings, which raises questions about his ability to effectively lead the country.

Given Biden’s cognitive challenges, there have been rumors that the Democratic hierarchy might consider replacing him with Michelle Obama at their convention. This move would allow the party to bypass Vice President Kamala Harris and appease their identity politics cohort. It seems that even within his own party, there are doubts about Biden’s ability to lead.

Van Jones’ recommendation for Biden to hide away in his basement during the 2024 election cycle is a telling indication of the lack of confidence in the president. Jones’ attempt to spin Biden’s handling of the economy as a success ignores the real-world consequences of the Democrats’ policies and the struggles faced by many Americans. It is clear that Biden is not up to the task of campaigning and lacks the vitality and sharpness needed to effectively lead the country. The doubts about his fitness for office are shared by many voters, who see him as a fragile and uninspiring figure.

Written by Staff Reports

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