Evidence Suggests Hunter Biden Lied About Drug Use When Buying Gun

Evidence revealed by prosecutors on Monday night suggests that Hunter Biden may have lied about his drug use when purchasing a gun in 2018. The evidence includes 75 pages of text messages that show his struggles with addiction. The trial is set for June 3 in Delaware.

Text messages submitted as evidence show Hunter Biden discussing his drug use and sharing photos of drugs. The messages also indicate that he was using drugs while in possession of the gun. Witnesses listed by prosecutors include women Hunter Biden had relationships with, such as his brother’s widow and his ex-wife.

Prosecutors claim that Hunter Biden’s conduct and admissions demonstrate that he was aware of his drug use at the time of purchasing and possessing the gun. They argue that this evidence supports the felony gun charges brought against him.

Hunter Biden’s legal team has tried to dismiss the case, citing various reasons including constitutional issues and selective prosecution. They have requested the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to stop the trial and review the case.

It is concerning to see the son of the President facing such serious legal troubles related to drug use and gun possession. This case raises questions about the credibility and integrity of individuals in positions of privilege. It is important for justice to be served impartially, regardless of one’s background.

Written by Staff Reports

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