Ex-FBI Agent Spills All: Why It’s Tough to Grill Hunter Biden!

The Biden family's corruption scandal is finally being uncovered, and it's clear that the political class tried to hide it. But through the efforts of Republicans, we now have evidence showing that the family is full of thieves.

According to reports from six banks, Hunter Biden received over $20 million from Central Asian oligarchs. The money was funneled through shell companies and it’s clear that he and his family were trying to get government officials access to lucrative projects. Despite their claims that the donations were merely "veneers of access," it’s clear that they were involved in corruption.

Emails show that Hunter Biden was close to the Obama administration's highest levels, which is why it's clear he was able to make these deals. Also, the testimony of Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, who are the IRS whistleblowers who uncovered the plea deal, has revealed how the Biden administration hindered their investigations.

The FBI was caught red-handed attempting to protect Hunter Biden. One of the agents who was investigating him was ordered to skip a deposition in order to avoid talking about the allegations made by the whistleblowers. This is further evidence of how the Justice Department and the FBI tried to protect the Biden family.

The allegations of obstruction by the FBI and the Department of Justice go beyond Joe Biden's son. It's also clear that the IRS followed leads that could have led directly to the Joe Biden himself. The people of the United States deserve to know the truth about the allegations against the Biden family.

Written by Staff Reports

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