Ex-Mobster Gravano Slams Bidens: “Disgusting Crime”; Calls for Swift Justice!

In a startling revelation, Salvatore Gravano, the notorious former Consigliere of the Gambino family, expressed incredulity at the lack of action against the Bidens for their alleged questionable activities. Speaking on Jesse Watters' Primetime, Gravano couldn't fathom why the country seemed inactive in addressing the matter. "It's mind-blowing. I mean, I know people who would get twenty-two lifetime sentences for this kind of stuff," Gravano exclaimed, struggling to comprehend the absence of legal consequences.

Fox News underscored Gravano's criminal expertise, and he emphasized the need for a thorough examination of the unusual banking transactions found in Hunter Biden's financial records. Drawing from his experience cooperating with the FBI and the federal government, Gravano praised their honesty and urged them to speak out against wrongdoing. However, even some law enforcement officials conveyed their disillusionment, with Gravano quoting them as saying, "I'm embarrassed to tell somebody I'm an FBI agent." Clearly, the alleged actions of the Bidens have left seasoned professionals feeling helpless and disheartened.

Gravano shifted his focus to another pressing issue, expressing concern about the lack of action against illegal immigration. He decried open borders, describing the influx of poor individuals as an invasion of the country. Frustrated with the government's inaction, he implored those in power to take a stand, saying, "Just get out. Speak. Talk against it. Do something." Gravano's passion for fighting against these issues was evident, fueled by his experiences and a desire for justice.

However, it was when he reflected on the alleged actions of the Biden family that Gravano's outrage and disappointment peaked. Labeling their actions as beyond theft, he accused them of treason. Drawing from his military background, he emphasized that treason used to carry the death penalty, robbing every person, regardless of race or background. Gravano expressed disgust at the nature of their alleged crime, stating, "You can't get a more disgusting crime than this." This sentiment underscores the gravity of the accusations against the Bidens.

As a former serviceman, Gravano empathized with those who dedicated themselves to the military only to return to a government seemingly mired in corruption. He pleaded for action, reminding the American people that they hold the power. Gravano concluded his powerful statement by contrasting the alleged actions of the Bidens with the unspoken rule of the criminal underworld, where even they would protect the public. The irony of this comparison is not lost.

Salvatore Gravano's impassioned words serve as a wake-up call for the American people to demand answers and hold those in power accountable. His experiences in both the criminal world and the military have shaped his perspective on justice and integrity. The alleged actions of the Bidens should not go unnoticed or unaddressed. It's time for action, for the people to reclaim their power and ensure that no one, regardless of their name or position, is above the law.





Written by Staff Reports

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