Expelled TN Dem Exposed as Complete Fraud

Shocking news has emerged about Justin J. Pearson, a Tennessee Democrat and former student at Bowdoin College. Social media users have exposed Pearson as a complete fraud, claiming that his transformation from his time at the college until now is a complete sham. In a campaign ad from 2016, Pearson calls for unity among his peers, stating that he wants to represent all voices in a conversation, regardless of their political leanings. How ironic that this is the same person who led hundreds of protesters onto the House floor last month following the mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, calling for stricter gun control laws, and who has since been removed from his position.

Moreover, Pearson’s physical appearance and demeanor have changed drastically since his college days, leading some to say that he is “like the Hilaria Baldwin of Al Sharpton clones.” It is clear that Pearson’s values and beliefs have changed as well, and that he is no longer the same person that he once was. It is a travesty that someone like Pearson was ever elected to serve the people, as it is clear that he is nothing but a fraud who cannot be trusted.

Thankfully, there is still hope for the people of Tennessee. While Pearson has been removed from his position, the fight to keep him out of power is far from over. The Shelby County Commission will vote this Wednesday to determine whether or not Pearson will be appointed to fill his seat. It is important that the people of Tennessee make their voices heard and speak out against the fraud that Pearson has become. With a special election coming up in both cases, there is an opportunity for the people to make a change and elect politicians who truly represent their values and beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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