Explosive Video Exposes Biden’s Web of Lies & Family Corruption!

In a bold move today, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, showed his fellow party members a video that laid bare all of President Joe Biden’s lies and denials about his conduct and his family’s shady foreign business dealings. This eye-opening video left no room for doubt that the Biden family has been engaging in fishy behavior.

According to sources close to the Speaker, the video was intended to educate the broader House Republican conference about the ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes. Ever since the Republicans regained control of the House, we’ve been hot on their trail, determined to hold them accountable for their misdeeds.

Proving once again that she’s a fearless warrior fighting against injustice, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene shared the video on Twitter. In her fiery commentary, she rightfully pointed out that the Communist Democrats are resorting to desperate tactics like arresting President Trump to distract from Joe Biden’s real crimes. It’s clear that they are willing to do anything to ensure victory in the 2024 presidential election.

The video starts with a damning question posed to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden about his son’s involvement with Burisma. And what was Biden’s answer? “Nothing was unethical.” Talk about denying reality! But the truth prevailed as the video swiftly cut to news reports confirming that Hunter Biden and James Biden, Joe’s brother, were indeed under investigation for their foreign business dealings.

To add insult to injury, the video then revealed Joe Biden’s denial that his son made any money from Hunter’s shady dealings with China. But guess what? More than 150 transactions involving the Biden family’s global business affairs were flagged as concerning by US banks for further review. That’s a whole lot of shady, folks.

Of course, Joe Biden couldn’t resist doubling down on his lies, asserting that his family did the right thing and trying to brush it all off as “private matters” that don’t involve him. Nice try, Joe, but we have receipts! The video exposed a text message from Hunter Biden to a business partner, where he ensured that his father, Joe, would take care of any opposition to their business interests. It couldn’t be clearer that Joe Biden was involved and pulling the strings.

And the corruption doesn’t stop there. The video concluded with testimony from IRS whistleblower, Gary Shapley, who revealed that the investigation into Biden’s son was conducted in a highly irregular manner. Shockingly, Shapley admitted that he was explicitly instructed to avoid any leads that could implicate Joe Biden himself. This is outrageous! It’s as if they were purposefully shielding the President from scrutiny.

The American people deserve better than a President who lies, covers up his family’s wrongdoing, and exploits his power for personal gain. It’s time for the truth to come out, and it’s our duty as Republicans to hold Joe Biden and his clan accountable for their actions. Let’s expose this corruption and restore integrity to the highest office in the land.

Written by Staff Reports

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