Exposed: How Big Medicine Preys on Us for Profit

The Daily Caller, a beacon of truth in a sea of misinformation, has once again exposed the treacherous underbelly of America’s corrupt Big Medicine industry. This industry preys on the sick and vulnerable, pushing toxic chemicals and dangerous treatments all in the name of profit. The new documentary, “SICK,” pulls back the curtain on the deceitful practices that have plagued our healthcare system for far too long.

From the failed promises of the COVID vaccine to the devastating effects of SSRIs and hormone treatments, Big Medicine has a long history of putting profits over people. But fear not, fellow patriots, for the truth is finally coming to light. The Daily Caller’s relentless investigative team has unearthed the ugly truth behind these so-called miracle cures.

Dr. Charlie Fagenholtz, a voice of reason in a sea of greed, exposes the financial incentives that drive doctors to prescribe harmful medications without fully understanding the consequences. It’s a vicious cycle of greed and deception that leaves patients like Blake Guichet and Kim Witzchak suffering at the hands of a broken system.

But it’s not just the doctors who are to blame. Government regulators, therapists, and pharmacists all play a role in perpetuating this cycle of corruption. They turn a blind eye to the harm being done, all while lining their pockets with dirty money. It’s a disgraceful display of moral bankruptcy that must be stopped.

The time has come to take a stand against Big Medicine and their toxic agenda. By shining a light on their dark practices, we can begin to dismantle the corrupt system that has plagued our healthcare industry for far too long. Watch “SICK” now and join the fight against medical tyranny. Together, we can hold these pill pushers accountable and reclaim our right to true health and wellness. Stay vigilant, patriots, for the truth shall set us free!

Written by Staff Reports

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