Hoax Alert! Biden-Ruto Invasion Story Debunked

In a wild whirlwind of misinformation, an Instagram video is making the rounds claiming that Kenyan President William Ruto called up President Joe Biden with plans for a naval invasion of Haiti. Can you believe it? The audacity! Fake news strikes again, folks!

Now, let’s set the record straight. This so-called tweet from CNN? Fake, fake, fake! Don’t believe everything you see on social media, especially when it’s trying to stir up trouble like this. It’s like playing a game of telephone, but instead of whispering, it’s just typing lies on a screen.

And guess what? Representative Cory Mills from Florida is out there doing some real good, evacuating Americans from Haiti amidst all the chaos. That’s the kind of hero we should be talking about, not these hoax tweets trying to pit leaders against each other.

But seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Amphibious landing crafts for a naval invasion? It sounds like a bad movie plot! Let’s stick to the facts, people, and leave the fiction for Hollywood.

Don’t fall for the lies, keep your eyes open, and always double-check your sources. And remember, when it comes to news, trust but verify. Let’s keep the truth alive and kick fake news to the curb where it belongs!

Written by Staff Reports

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