Exposed: Hunter Biden Lawyers Pass Buck to Clerk Over Court Bungle!

In Hunter Biden's tax case, his lawyers have responded to an order by the judge, who asked them to explain why sanctions should not be considered for any misrepresentation. They claim that it was a miscommunication, and that it was not a misrepresentation. miscommunication is a common theme among Biden family members.

Hunter’s lawyer, Matthew Salerno, sent a letter to Judge Noreika, stating that there was an uncharacteristic misunderstanding between the employees of the court and a staff member of the firm. He claims that they were unaware of the misunderstanding's nature and that they were not intentionally misleading the court. It's easy to blame misunderstandings when you get caught up in a red-handed situation.

In the document, Jessica Bengels, a staff member of Congressman Jason Smith, claimed that she was asked to consult the clerk's office about confidential documents. She noted that she worked for the law firm of Latham & Watkins, but she denied that she was representing the office of Congressman Smith.

Even if the misunderstanding was miscommunication, it's unlikely that the entire document would be removed from the court's docket. Since it's already been made public, why shouldn't the documents be kept confidential?

This is yet another example of how the Biden family is trying to get around the rules in order to benefit themselves. It's time for them to face the consequences. Hopefully, Judge Noreika will take their excuses into account and demand more transparency from them.

Written by Staff Reports

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