Fairfax Hijacks Easter with “Trans Visibility Day” Declaration

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors made a unanimous decision to declare March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility” at their most recent meeting. This declaration coincides with Easter, the Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The mayor of the city of Fairfax also honored this designation for the same date.

Last year, the federal government marked March 31 as a day to celebrate and honor the transgender community. With the recent proclamation by the board, this observance has been extended to Fairfax County.

Board Chairman Jeffrey McKay expressed his support for the proclamation and emphasized the importance of standing up for all people, including those who may feel unwelcome. He asserted that as elected officials, it is their moral responsibility to support all individuals, especially those who are subjected to relentless persecution.

Supervisor Dalia Palchik echoed McKay’s sentiments, emphasizing the high rates of depression and suicidality among transgender youth. She described the proclamation as a “moral imperative” and stressed the need to address the mental health struggles faced by transgender students.

Rev. Emma Chattin of the TransGender Education Association highlighted the significance of this declaration as a visible demonstration of solidarity and leadership to contribute to a better world.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors’ decision aligns with the county’s One Fairfax policy, which was established in 2016 to promote racial and social equity.

Written by Staff Reports

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