Lone Star Showdown: Voters Favor Texas in Border Battle with Biden

In a recent poll conducted by The Center Square’s Voter’s Voice Poll, likely voters made it clear that they want their states to play a crucial role in tackling the massive problem of illegal immigration. When asked who should have the final say on immigration policy, 29% of respondents said that border states should have the authority, while another 29% believed it should be left to the federal government. Surprisingly, a whopping 37% of the voters thought that both parties should have a say in shaping immigration policy. The remaining participants were unsure, probably still scratching their heads at this complicated issue.

This survey comes in the midst of a heated battle between the Biden administration and Texas Governor Greg Abbott over the rights to secure the southern border. Texas has been taking bold measures to defend itself from what they consider an invasion, including installing razor wire barriers and deploying the Texas National Guard to the border with Mexico. Not to mention, they even passed a law allowing their local law enforcement to arrest undocumented immigrants who cross the border. It’s like Texas is creating its own little immigration theme park down there!

However, instead of giving Texas a big ol’ pat on the back for their efforts, the Biden administration has been throwing legal jabs at them left and right, like they’re in a political boxing match. The Department of Justice even went as far as suing Texas over their new law allowing officers to arrest foreign nationals who illegally crossed the border. It’s starting to feel like a Texas-sized showdown, y’all!

But here’s the kicker – according to the survey, the majority of likely voters seem to be siding with good ol’ Texas. That’s right, 43% of respondents believe Texas is in the right with their border measures, compared to only 27% who think the federal government is on the correct side of the fence. And get this, 21% of folks even think that both parties are somewhat right, which is like saying, “Hey, everyone’s a winner in this immigration tug-of-war!”

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., ain’t holding back either, as she took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to lambast President Joe Biden, claiming that his administration is intentionally causing the #BidenBorderCrisis. And she’s not alone in her criticism, with Texas lawmakers arguing that they wouldn’t be forced to take such extreme measures if the Biden administration would just enforce the existing immigration laws. It’s like a game of political hot potato – the Biden administration doesn’t want it, and Texas sure doesn’t want it, but someone’s got to take charge of this hot mess!

And to top it all off, former President Donald Trump swooped in to stir the pot even more, blaming Biden for the surge in border crossings and the increase in criminal activities. But hey, it seems like Trump’s keyboard tapping isn’t falling on deaf ears, as 44% of likely voters have ranked immigration as one of the top three most important issues. It’s like the shiny new toy everyone can’t stop talking about.

So, it looks like the debate on who gets the final say on immigration policy is heating up, and it’s not just the temperature in Texas causing that. As the 2024 campaign cycle looms closer, one thing is for sure – the issue of illegal immigration isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And like any good reality TV show, the drama just keeps on unfolding!

Written by Staff Reports

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