Farmers Revolt Against Left’s Eco-Radicalism, Blockade Paris

In a recent global uprising, French farmers have pushed back against the leftist farm policies that threaten their very existence. Thousands of farmers led by the National Federation of Farmers Unions and the Young Farmers movement descended on the capital city of Paris, using hundreds of tractors to block major highways and staging a massive protest over potential cuts to fuel subsidies and new environmental regulations.

The left’s relentless pursuit to push farmers out of production has led to this critical moment in the fight for agriculture. In France, farmers are making it clear that these changes, along with global competition, are making it increasingly difficult to earn a living through farming. The farmers are declaring loudly and proudly that this is the final battle for farming and a question of survival.

Meanwhile, the situation in Germany mirrors the unrest in France. German farmers have also taken to blocking access to bustling international shipping hubs, in protest against proposed government cuts to agriculture industry subsidies and financial supports. Though the German government has promised to reinstate some tax benefits and phase out other cuts over several years, farmers remain steadfast in their protests until the plans are reversed completely.

Not to be outdone, Romanian farmers have briefly blocked a border crossing with Ukraine and the entrance to the key Black Sea port of Constanta to demand solutions to their costly mandatory insurance policies, high diesel fuel taxes, and sluggish disbursal of European Union farm subsidies. This widespread unrest illustrates the economic fragility of rural livelihoods and the significant impact of government policies on family farms.

Unfortunately, this is just one small battle in the larger war on family farms. The ruling coalitions in these countries are more focused on pleasing climate activists than supporting the foundational backbone of their agricultural industry. As the rumble of tractors across Europe grows louder, it is clear that the fight for the survival of family farms has turned into a fierce roar.

In the face of these assaults on the very fabric of our agricultural society, former U.S. national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s cautionary words take on a new weight. The 2024 election is now more important than ever, and the fight to preserve the heart of America is at a critical juncture. The battle rages on, and support from individuals is vital in this fight for the soul of America. The Western Journal stands as a beacon of unyielding resistance to the forces that seek to dismantle America’s values. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for readers to join the fight and support the voice of truth.

It is evident that the fight for the survival of family farms is a fight for the survival of our values and our way of life. The time to act is now, and every single individual’s support is crucial in this battle. As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Will you join the fight and support the preservation of America’s soul?

Written by Staff Reports

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