FBI Agent Dodges Subpoenas, House Fires Back!

The House Judiciary Committee is taking legal action against FBI Agent Elvis Chan for evading testimony about his shady involvement in pressuring social media companies to silence conservative voices online. And let’s just say, the committee is not happy about it!

According to the complaint filed on Tuesday, Chan slyly dodged not one, but two congressional subpoenas related to the Judiciary Committee’s investigation into government agencies colluding with third parties to censor certain viewpoints on the internet. It’s like a game of hide and seek, but with serious consequences for free speech!

The committee alleges that Chan, the so-called “man behind the curtain,” played a crucial role in the FBI’s cozy relationship with technology giants like Facebook and Twitter. They claim that publicly available information and their own investigation have confirmed his centrality to these interactions. This situation just keeps getting fishier than a seafood market!

But why did Chan snub his nose at the Judiciary Committee? Well, interestingly enough, he initially failed to appear for testimony because the Department of Justice (DOJ) told him not to! Talk about being a puppet on a string! Apparently, the DOJ didn’t want Chan spillin’ the beans and exposing their true motivations behind the censorship efforts. Can you say cover-up?

Now, the House Judiciary Committee isn’t taking no for an answer. They issued those subpoenas for a reason, and they are not about to let Chan get away with ignoring them. They argue that Chan’s refusal is hindering their ability to carry out their oversight duties, which, according to the Constitution, is a crucial part of Congress’s power. Somebody needs to remind Chan that nobody likes a game of cat and mouse!

But wait, there’s more! House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan accused Chan of lying under oath about his involvement in the FBI’s dealings with Facebook regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story. Jordan came equipped with internal Facebook documents that he obtained during the investigation into social media censorship. If those documents are as explosive as a fourth of July fireworks show, then we might have a scandal on our hands!

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Chan was the FBI’s go-to guy when it came to pressuring social media platforms into silencing conservative voices. The Twitter Files have revealed his role as the central liaison between the FBI and these tech giants. It seems like Chan and his buddies were desperate to squash any reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election. Can we say election interference, anyone?

In this ongoing saga, the House Judiciary Committee is determined to get to the bottom of this censorship mess. They won’t let Chan escape their grasp, and the American people deserve answers. It’s time to expose the truth behind the curtain and put an end to the blatant bias that runs rampant in big tech. Free speech is a pillar of our democracy, and it’s about time we defend it with everything we’ve got!

Written by Staff Reports

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