Third-Party Threat Could Catapult Trump Back to Power in 2024

A group of former national lawmakers is sounding the alarm on the No Labels third-party unity ticket campaign, warning that it could throw the 2024 election into chaos and potentially hand the win to former President Donald Trump.

The concern stems from the possibility of a “contingent election” in which no presidential candidate receives a majority of electoral votes. This would lead to the House of Representatives choosing the president, and with Republicans holding the delegation advantage, Democrats fear it could result in Trump’s return to the Oval Office.

Former Sens. Doug Jones and Jack Danforth, along with former Democratic House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt, penned a letter to No Labels, cautioning against the potential fallout of their efforts to secure ballot access in all 50 states. They argue that such a move could trigger a constitutional crisis and pave the way for biased rules favoring a specific candidate in the House.

The historical precedent for a contingent election is scarce, with only a few occurrences in US history, none of which were a result of a third party’s involvement. The prospect of a third-party unity ticket altering the outcome of the election remains dubious, given the limited success of similar campaigns in previous elections.

Despite the pushback and legal challenges from Democratic-aligned groups, No Labels remains committed to its ballot access campaign and the possibility of fielding a unity ticket in the 2024 election. The group’s chief strategist, Ryan Clancy, has reiterated that their involvement is contingent on the nominees and the potential path to victory, while asserting confidence in the ability to compete in all 50 states.

In the face of accusations of nonprofit status abuse and campaign finance law violations, No Labels’ legal counsel has dismissed the claims as baseless and a threat to voters’ choices. The group maintains that it is advocating for more diverse options beyond the two major parties and is resolute in its pursuit of a unified alternative in the upcoming election.

With the specter of a highly contentious 2024 election looming, the battle over No Labels’ role in shaping the race intensifies, setting the stage for a potentially tumultuous and divisive political landscape in the years to come.

Written by Staff Reports

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