FBI Chief Baffled on Safety Question – Biden Administration Fails Yet Again?

FBI Director Christopher Wray was left stammering and stumbling like a deer in headlights when Senator Rick Scott asked him if the country is safer under the Biden administration. It was clear that Wray was caught off guard and struggled to come up with a coherent response. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Wray managed to muster up an answer, but it was far from reassuring.

Wray admitted that terror threats have actually increased under Biden’s watch. He tried to save face by saying that the country has taken steps to be better prepared to deal with these threats, but the fact remains that the danger has escalated. This should come as no surprise, considering the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the possibility of terrorist attacks inspired by the war between Israel and Hamas.

But the real cause for concern is the porous border and the influx of illegal immigrants, some with ties to terrorist groups, that continue to pour into the country. While the Biden administration has failed miserably to address this crisis, the consequences could be dire. In September alone, Border Patrol apprehended 18 individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watch list at the southern border, setting a record for terrorist-related encounters. And that’s just the ones they caught. How many more slipped through undetected?

It’s clear that the lack of border security is putting American lives at risk. Under President Trump, the border was taken seriously, and it showed. But now, with an administration that seems more interested in appeasing the progressive left than protecting its own citizens, the country is on the brink of a national security disaster. Wray’s feeble response only further highlights the Biden administration’s failures and the need for urgent action to secure the border and keep Americans safe.

Written by Staff Reports

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