FBI Holds Foreign Crew Hostage Amid Dali Ship Investigation

The Dali ship, famous for crashing into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, had its crew still on board after controlled explosions were set off to free it. The crew, mostly from India and one from Sri Lanka, were not allowed to leave due to ongoing investigations by the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board. Two maritime unions from Singapore expressed concerns for the crew’s well-being and their emotional distress.

The crew’s cell phones were confiscated by the FBI, leaving them isolated without contact with the outside world. Despite efforts from maritime unions to have the crew freed, they remain stranded on the ship, unable to conduct basic tasks like online banking or contacting their families. The crew’s morale has been affected, leading to worries about their situation and their rights as they continue to be held on the ship.

From a conservative standpoint, the FBI’s actions in confiscating the crew’s cell phones raise questions about the crew’s possible criminal liability. The suspicious nature of the ship hitting the bridge and the ongoing investigations add to the mystery surrounding the situation. Comparisons to the treatment of illegal immigrants at the southern border raise concerns about the crew being held without clear explanations or resolution in sight.

The article concludes with a hint of conspiracy theory, suggesting that there may be more to the situation than meets the eye. The author questions the motives behind detaining the crew and underscores the need for transparency and fairness in resolving the crew’s predicament. Overall, the story of the Dali ship and its crew raises important legal and ethical considerations that warrant further investigation and attention.

Written by Staff Reports

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