Fearless Fox Reporter Exposes Biden’s Qatar Thanks: Terror Ties Ignored!

In a fiery and intense showdown at Thursday’s press briefing, fearless Fox News reporter Peter Doocy fearlessly grilled Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby about President Biden’s shocking thanks to Qatar, a nation with ties to the notorious Hamas.

Doocy fearlessly questioned Kirby, wondering aloud, “Why on earth is President Biden expressing his gratitude towards Qatar?” Doocy cleverly pointed out that the leader of Hamas, who we all know is a bad hombre, is residing comfortably in Qatar.

Kirby, on the other hand, seemed to brush off Doocy’s valid concerns and defended Qatar’s communication channels with Hamas. Can you believe it? He actually thinks it’s okay for a country to dialogue with a designated terrorist organization! Kirby even tried to justify their actions by applauding Qatar’s help in freeing American hostages. But let’s be honest here, folks, we shouldn’t be rewarding countries that embrace terrorists, even if they do good deeds.

The conversation then took a surprising turn when Doocy bravely brought up the issue of potential terrorists crossing our beloved southern border. He reminded everyone about the alarming leak from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) warning about foreign fighters from Hamas and Hezbollah trying to exploit our weak border. Talk about a national security nightmare!

Kirby, bless his heart, attempted to reassure the American people by claiming that the administration is monitoring all ports of entry for threats. But empty words won’t protect us, folks. The reality is that we need strong border security, and President Biden better start taking this issue seriously. We can’t afford to have terrorists slipping into our country while our politicians sit back and do nothing.

The leaked bulletin from CBP couldn’t be more serious, folks. It warns about potential encounters with foreign fighters from the Israel-Hamas conflict at our very own southwest border. And let’s not forget the record-breaking number of encounters at the border this year. Over 2.48 million, folks – that’s a whole lot of potentially dangerous individuals. And if that’s not enough to make you lose sleep at night, at least 172 individuals on the terror watch list were intercepted at the border. Imagine the damage they could have caused if our brave border patrol agents hadn’t stopped them.

It’s clear, my fellow patriots, that we can’t ignore the threat at our southern border any longer. We need relentless action, not empty words and gratitude towards nations cozying up to terrorists. Let’s secure our border, protect our great nation, and ensure the safety and security of all Americans. God bless the USA!

Written by Staff Reports

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