Federal Judge STRIKES DOWN Biden Border Policy

A federal judge has invalidated a Biden administration immigration policy that permits the release of undocumented immigrants at the border. The judge stated that the policy has made the Southwest Border insignificant, and as a result, it cannot be upheld. The decision was made following a lawsuit by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in September 2021. Moody argued that the policy breached congressional laws that mandate detention upon entry.

Florida's position was supported by Judge T. Kent Wetherell, who declared the Biden administration's Parole and Alternative to Detention (Parole + ATD) policy illegal. The judge emphasized that the policy reduces the border to nothing more than a speed bump by prioritizing "alternatives to detention" over detention itself, resulting in the release of over one million immigrants into the country under the pretext of "parole" or "prosecutorial discretion" without initiating removal procedures, in violation of an irrelevant law.

The Biden administration's immigration policies have been heavily criticized for being lenient since assuming office. These include overturning President Trump's Executive Order 13767, which terminated the catch-and-release policy. Judge Wetherell observed that these measures were similar to putting up a flashing "Come In, We're Open" sign at the southern border, leading to an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants arriving at the Southwest Border, with more than 100,000 of them ending up in Florida.

The Biden administration's immigration policies have been deemed reckless, jeopardizing the safety of our nation and leading to border chaos. Providing illegal aliens with no repercussions is unacceptable. It is imperative that the Biden administration complies with the law and takes measures to safeguard our borders, ensuring the protection of the American people. The White House should respond to this verdict promptly and take the necessary steps to reinforce border security, preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country without accountability.

Written by Staff Reports

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