Flashback: Kabul Airport Suicide Bomber Freed From Bagram Prison After Joe Biden Left Air Base In July

Abdul Rehman, an Islamic terrorist, murdered 13 Americans and 173 Afghans at the Kabul Airport one year ago today.

In July, Joe Biden left the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years by turning off the lights and slipping away in the night without telling the Afghan commander of the base, who found out about the Americans' covert exit more than two hours later.

On August 15, the Taliban swiftly seized control of Bagram Air Base, located just 30 miles north of Kabul, and freed thousands of terrorists detained at its prison. The Taliban received military supplies, clothes, supplies, and even sports beverages from the Americans and Afghans.

The Taliban freed the ISIS suicide bomber from the Bagram Base jail in July, after he had killed 169 Afghans and 13 US service members.

Abdul Rehman, an ISIS suicide bomber, was detained at the Bagram jail for the previous four years before the Taliban militants freed him.

According to Firstpost:

Firstpost has learned through reliable intelligence sources that the Islamic State suicide bomber who killed at least 169 Afghan civilians and 13 American soldiers outside Kabul airport last month was imprisoned in Afghanistan's notorious Bagram prison for the past four years as a result of Indian efforts.

He was given to the US Central Intelligence Agency by the Research and Analysis Wing in September 2017, according to senior Indian intelligence sources acquainted with the issue and speaking to Firstpost. The jihadist, however, escaped from the high-security jail on August 15 along with thousands of other dangerous terrorists, profiting from the commotion that followed the United States' hasty departure and the Taliban's quick capture of the entire nation.

The terrorist, who went by the name of Abdul Rehman, was from Afghanistan's Logar province and a former student of an engineering college in India. He was the son of an Afghan businessman who frequently traveled to India.

His arrest had prevented the Islamic State of Khurasan Province (IS-K), the Islamic State's regional affiliate in Afghanistan, from carrying out a plot to carry out suicide bombings in New Delhi and other cities throughout the region, most likely at the direction of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI).

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