Trump Is Jubilant After Another Night of Election Success For His Allies

Trump is feared by Democrats for a reason despite the fact that he is not in elected government. It's because he still has a significant impact on the nation despite their best efforts to silence him. They blocked him from social media, the news media, and almost everything else they could. However, Trump triumphed, starting his own social network and carrying on with his renowned rallies.

Democrats went one step farther and searched his Mar-a-Largo residence on dubious legal grounds. However, that is already having an epic backfire. Trump still supports candidates. And once more, he had a wonderful election night.

On Tuesday night, former President Trump declared "ALL WINS" for his favourites in the primary elections—a wry declaration that might have included his mocking "endorsements" of Democrats.

"Looks like a fantastic evening of ALL WINS – Great Candidates!!!" On Tuesday evening, Trump wrote.

He said, “26 and 0 tonight, turning numerous tight races into big and easy wins. Overall for last 4 years, 98.4% on Endorsements!”

… Trump-supporting Florida In a Tuesday night primary, Republican congressman Matt Gaetz defeated former FedEx executive Mark Lombardo.

Meanwhile, in the Republican primary run-off election for Oklahoma's U.S. Senate seat, representative Markwayne Mullin defeated banking executive T.W. Shannon. Fox News is the source.

Over 200 candidates have received Trump's support throughout the 2022 primary season. And of those, it appears that only 19 have lost. Few can boast a record like that. It was the same yesterday night as well.

Trump-backed The primaries were handily won by Republicans. Trump did, however, spend some time last week mockingly promoting Democrats who were running in primary elections. Trump took advantage of the occasion to reveal their corruption and dismal track records. However, they were all but guaranteed wins because they ran in deep-blue neighbourhoods.

Those endorsements, of course, weren't genuine; they were just a ruse for Trump to accuse the left of siding with corrupt swamp dwellers.

But Republicans continue to prevail in his actual endorsements. Democrats really fear him for this reason. And why they continue to work so hard, even after six years, to damage his reputation among Americans who vote.

Democrats would give their absolute best to persuade us that Trump is everything they claim he is. They started looking into him, tried to impeach him, and are currently conducting raids. By consistently fabricating stories about him, they have ruined the credibility of the mainstream media. But it all came to naught. The 2020 Election was the lone "win," although it was tainted by numerous "irregularities" and persistent fraud concerns.

You'd think by now they'd have learned their lesson!

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