Forbes’ 30 Under 30: Trans TikToker Overshadows Real Women & Values

Transgender fashion maven Dylan Mulvaney has catapulted into the spotlight once again, this time as one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30.” Now, before we dive into the implications of this recognition, let’s remind ourselves that Forbes’ list has truly lost its way in recent years. It used to be a prestigious collection of individuals who actually achieved something worthy of admiration. But nowadays, it’s become a hodgepodge of self-proclaimed influencers and social media darlings who think they’re changing the world with their filtered selfies. But I digress.

Mulvaney, in his interview with Forbes, showed a surprising interest in the business side of things. It’s almost laughable to think that someone who gained fame through TikTok videos showcasing their “days of girlhood” considers themselves a businessperson. With all due respect, Mulvaney, there’s a bit more to entrepreneurship than perfecting your eyeliner technique. But perhaps this newfound curiosity will lead Mulvaney to actually contribute something substantial to society.


What’s particularly interesting is Mulvaney’s claim that they never wanted to be a spokesperson for the transgender community. It seems a bit odd considering they’ve built their entire persona around their gender identity and have actively engaged in advocacy work. It’s as if Mulvaney wants all the perks and recognition of being a public figure without any of the responsibility. But hey, who needs consistency when you can have Instagram fame?

Let’s not forget the controversies that have followed Mulvaney throughout their rise to stardom. Ulta, a prominent makeup brand, faced intense backlash for inviting Mulvaney onto their podcast to discuss “all things girlhood.” Now, here’s the thing. It’s one thing to be inclusive and highlight diverse perspectives, but it’s another to invite someone who perpetuates harmful stereotypes onto a platform that should be empowering women. Is this the kind of role model we want for our daughters? I think not.

And then we have Anheuser-Busch, the brewing company behind Bud Light, who decided to partner with Mulvaney for a marketing campaign. The result? A boycott from disgruntled beer enthusiasts who saw the partnership as a betrayal of the company’s values. Even Billy Busch, a member of the Anheuser-Busch family, expressed his disdain and believed his ancestors would be rolling over in their graves. Well, Mr. Busch, I’m inclined to agree with you. This push to normalize an ideology that contradicts our traditional values is nothing short of a disgrace.

Lastly, let’s not overlook Mulvaney’s recent “Woman of the Year” award at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards. Now, I’m all for celebrating achievements, but it’s disconcerting when a transgender individual is heralded as the epitome of womanhood. We should be honoring real women who have overcome challenges and made significant contributions to society, not individuals who rely on surgeries and social media branding to achieve recognition.

So, there you have it, folks. Another day, another self-proclaimed influencer making headlines. But let’s not forget to question the legitimacy of these accolades and the impact these individuals truly have on our society. It’s time we prioritize substance over sensationalism and remember the importance of genuine achievements.

Written by Staff Reports

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